The Epigenetics Consortium of South Australia Incorporated (EpiCSA) was formed in June 2015 and consists of a group of South Australian epigenetic researchers from diverse disciplines coming together to help others that want to embark on epigenetic research, to learn from each other and to help foster collaborations and networks. The field of epigenetics is constantly evolving and is a key area of research in all disciplines from ancient DNA to health and medical research, it is investigated as mechanisms for gene expression disruption, for biomarkers for numerous health outcomes and targeted for therapies and interventions. The methodologies utilised in epigenetic research are ever expanding from agents that can reverse or induce epigenetic modifications, to antibodies to study these modifications and next generation sequencing for detailed, base resolution analyses.

Objectives of EpiCSA

  1. To promote epigenetic research within South Australia
  2. To gather South Australian researchers for the dissemination of information and methodologies related to epigenetic research
  3. To provide a forum for South Australian researchers to present their work, to learn from others, to teach others and to form networks and collaborations
  4. To encourage young researchers within South Australia to undertake epigenetic research and to provide guidance to do so
  5. To assist and encourage South Australian researchers to meet and discuss their epigenetic research

Click here to view theĀ Epigenetics Consortium of South Australia Incorporated Rules (PDF)

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