AEpiA Meeting Summary

After our successful annual research meeting in October, we have had some support from our national epigenetics association on the Australian Epigenetics Alliance website! Check out the write-up on their website:


EpiCSA’s Inaugural Seminar (2015)

The Epigenetics Consortium of South Australia Incorporated (EpiCSA), formed in June 2015, hosted its Inaugural Seminar on Wednesday the 18th November at The Science Exchange in Adelaide with Prof Sarah Robertson as co-chair for the night.

The Chairperson of EpiCSA, Tina Bianco-Miotto, opened the event by explaining that the objective of the group was to bring together epigenetic researchers in SA from diverse disciplines and across all Universities and Research Institutes. EpiCSA also wants to provide a forum for SA epigenetic researchers to present their work, and to form networks and collaborations. The evening was a great success with over 60 people in attendance and it began with an inspiring talk from Carlos Rodriguez Lopez entitled Food and Epigenetics: From your fork to your grandchildren and ending on a historical note with Bastien Llamas discussing Ancient Epigenetics. Tod Fullston from the Robinson Research Institute spoke about More than Your Dad’s DNA and Dimitrios Cakouros told the audience about Nucleosome modifications in Adult Stem Cells. 

The Inaugural Seminar was a huge success and wouldn’t have been possible without the EpiCSA committee members and the sponsors: the Robinson Research Institute, the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Australian Genome Research Facility. In 2016 EpiCSA will be running 3 workshops and a scientific meeting so keep checking this website for more information and sign up for membership as it’s currently for free!